Easy to use. Place it anywhere. Connect anything.

Simple & Flexible

 Control any type of equipment in the room with just ONE device. High compatibility ensures flexibility in your choice of future AV equipment, regardless of brand or technology.


User-friendly and familiar tactile control in every room

Familiar button interaction and user-friendly interface, reducing support needed and saving you time. Controlling AV equipment is easy and straightforward, no matter which room you are in.

Designed for wall-mounting

Compact and elegant keypad designed in Denmark. Suitable for wall-mounting. Acts as a visible, easy-to-find remote.


More than 20 years of experience

Since 1999, Neets has developed reliable, user-friendly AV-control installed in more than 200.000 rooms worldwide 

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Feature list

2.7 inch high contrast e-ink display
Ensures a smooth intuitive user experience for presenters and technicians.

Freely configurable keypad buttons
Provides uniform AV control interface in all rooms.
Can be customized and configured with up to 8 buttons for any function

3 RS-232/IR port
Used for serial communication to AV devices and for controlling projectors, displays, amplifiers & other AV devices with feedback functionality.

1 Ethernet port
Used for controlling 2 LAN devices and connection to Project Designer

3 General Purpose I/O ports
Used for input/output control of relays, switches and sensors

PoE support
Includes Power over Ethernet support to avoid external PSU

Add up to 8 extra Neets AV control systems as extensions

Email notifications and warnings
Email notification on lamp/filter hours and warnings

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UniForm back and front

Neets Keypad Control Systems

Clean, Simple & User-friendly


The average meeting room has around five remote controls and several cables trailing on desks and all over the floor. You can now tidy up your meeting room with one simple keypad installation that allows you to connect and control all your equipment from one place.

Our range of keypads in various sizes and functionalities, meaning you can find the right model to fit the complexities of your current AV setup. Each button on the keypad can be customized to perform the functions you want.

The keypads’ interface is relatively simple; each button performs one function, such as increasing or lowering the volume of your sound system, or turning a projector on and off. The buttons’ functions are clearly labelled – meaning that users will not have any trouble understanding how to use the control panel.

Check out the video to see just how EASY it is to control your equipment with a Neets Keypad.

Other keypads in our AV Control Systems range

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