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The Neets Control – TanGo™ is a powerful control system enabling intuitive control through touch panels or standard browsers. 


For easy installation and less cabling the TanGo™ comes with PoE IN and PoE OUT to avoid external PSU for both the control system and an external device like a touch panel. 

It takes two to TanGo™ 
We have designed the ultimate Touch Panel Controller. Now it is up to you to bring it to life in any medium-sized conference room, learning space, or lecture hall of your choice.

Perfect match
The TanGo™ is perfect for any meeting space using wall or table mounted touch panels. TanGo delivers an intuitive touch interface making it easy to start a presentation.

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After you have signed up online our local distributor will contact you regarding loan of a controller to Test the TanGo™.

Key features

Enables custom graphical user interface designs made easy in Project Designer.

Easily install the TanGo anywhere and with PoE remove additional power supplies.

Provides users with touch panel control of a multitude of AV and additional device functions

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TanGo benefits


Supply touch panels with power through PoE

Integration with collaboration devices such as Barco ClickShare or Kramer VIA,
and video conferencing systems from Cisco, Polycom and ClearOne

Control external devices from ­low-voltage relays

Mounting is possible in a rack or on a surface





Power over Ethernet (PoE)
PoE IN for power of the TanGo™ and PoE OUT for power of an external device such as a touch panel

3 bi-directional RS-232 port or IR ports
Used for controlling projectors, displays, amplifiers & other AV devices with feedback functionality

2 uni-directional RS-232 or IR ports
Used for sending commands to projectors or other AV devices using serial or infrared communication

8 general Purpose I/O ports
Used for input/output control of relays, switches and sensors

4 Built-in low-voltage relays
Used for controlling external devices as electrical screens

Ethernet port
Used for controlling 10 LAN and 8 Neets extension devices connection to Central Control and Project Designer as well as access to graphical user interface

Built-in Infrared Learner
IR learner built into the front for easy IR code learning

Easy mounting
Can be invisibly mounted in trunking systems, or in the 1U Neets Rack Shelf


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