Neets Switching Relay - 8

Rack mounted 8 - Relay with PSU and LAN


Neets Switching Relay - 8 is well suited for complex application such as larger meeting rooms and auditoriums, as you have eight (8) buttons.

Neets Switching Relay - 8 incorporates a full range of options for real-time system control, including RS-232, IR or LAN. All functions are easily configurable through LAN using Neets Configuration Software or 3rd party systems.

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  • 8 Built-in relays
    Control for multiple devices, including screens, curtains and room lighting/darkening
  • 8 I/O ports
    Flexible control for AV and auxiliary devices
  • High or low voltage
    Switching for high-voltage AC or low voltage DC
  • Test buttons with LED status
    Front panel controls for testing during installation
  • LAN to RS-232 breakout
    Adds two additional RS-232 ports to the system
  • Configuration through RS-232 or LAN
    Fully integrated into Neets Project Designer and compatible with 3rd party systems
  • Daisy chaining
    Connect 8 relays and run 64 relays on one RS-232 port
  • IEC Mains Adaptor option
    Separate module converts Phoenix
    connectors to IEC standard AC power outlets
Power supply:
110-230 VAC

Relay load max AC1:
1150 Watt

Relay load max
AC15 (230VAC):
500 Watt

Relay single-phase
motor rating (230 VAC): 370 Watt

Relay max voltage:
230 VAC

Power supply fuse:
0.5 A / 230 VAC

Control inputs:
Active when
connected to ground

RS-232 Remote Control:
Baud rate: 9600
Data bits: 1
Stop bits:
Parity: None

Network (LAN):
Speed: 10/100 MBit
Duplex: Half and full

Width: 437 mm / 483 mm
Height: 44 mm or 1U
Depth: 141 mm

Width: 19,01 inches/ 17,20 inches
Height: 1,73 inches (1U)
Depth: 5,55 inches

2.0 Kg/ 70,55 oz

AC line input:
110 – 240 V

Approval: CE
EN 61000-6-2: 2005
EN 61001-6-3: 2005

Item number:
Neets Switching Relay - 8


Neets Project Designer
Neets Project Designer
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-Ver. 3.20.1 (21-03-2018)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed QueBec Pro would not turn monitor off in some instances after disconnecting VGA input
  • Fixed LED and key lock status not being correct on extension devices after a power cycle
+Ver. 3.12.0 (16-10-2017)
+Ver. 3.11.3 (14-09-2017)
+Ver. 3.11.2 (27-06-2017)
+Ver. 3.11.1 (09-06-2017)
+Ver. 3.11.0 (28-04-2017)
+Ver. 3.10.0 (05-12-2016)
+Ver. 3.9.0 (31-10-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.5 (02-09-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.4 (17-06-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.3 (03-06-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.2 (01-06-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.1 (10-05-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.0 (27-04-2016)
+Ver. 3.7.0 (11-01-2016)
+Ver. 3.6.7 (06-11-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.6 (02-11-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.5 (28-10-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.4 (13-10-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.3 (13-08-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.2 (03-07-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.1 (29-06-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.0 (21-05-2015)
+Ver. 3.5.2 (20-04-2015)

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