Neets Switching Relay - 8

Rack mounted 8 - Relay with PSU and LAN


Neets Switching Relay - 8 is well suited for complex application such as larger meeting rooms and auditoriums, as you have eight (8) buttons.

Neets Switching Relay - 8 incorporates a full range of options for real-time system control, including RS-232, IR or LAN. All functions are easily configurable through LAN using Neets Configuration Software or 3rd party systems.

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  • 8 Built-in relays
    Control for multiple devices, including screens, curtains and room lighting/darkening
  • 8 I/O ports
    Flexible control for AV and auxiliary devices
  • High or low voltage
    Switching for high-voltage AC or low voltage DC
  • Test buttons with LED status
    Front panel controls for testing during installation
  • LAN to RS-232 breakout
    Adds two additional RS-232 ports to the system
  • Configuration through RS-232 or LAN
    Fully integrated into Neets Project Designer and compatible with 3rd party systems
  • Daisy chaining
    Connect 8 relays and run 64 relays on one RS-232 port
  • IEC Mains Adaptor option
    Separate module converts Phoenix
    connectors to IEC standard AC power outlets
Power supply:
110-230 VAC

Relay load max AC1:
1150 Watt

Relay load max
AC15 (230VAC):
500 Watt

Relay single-phase
motor rating (230 VAC): 370 Watt

Relay max voltage:
230 VAC

Power supply fuse:
0.5 A / 230 VAC

Control inputs:
Active when
connected to ground

RS-232 Remote Control:
Baud rate: 9600
Data bits: 1
Stop bits:
Parity: None

Network (LAN):
Speed: 10/100 MBit
Duplex: Half and full

Width: 437 mm / 483 mm
Height: 44 mm or 1U
Depth: 141 mm

Width: 19,01 inches/ 17,20 inches
Height: 1,73 inches (1U)
Depth: 5,55 inches

2.0 Kg/ 70,55 oz

AC line input:
110 – 240 V

Approval: CE
EN 61000-6-2: 2005
EN 61001-6-3: 2005

Item number:
Neets Switching Relay - 8


Neets Project Designer
Neets Project Designer
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-Ver. 3.12.0 (16-10-2017)
New Features:
  • KNX devices license support in control systems.
  • Calendar functions and support for NEB expansion unit's RTC.
Bug Fixes:
  • QueBec Pro I/Os are now in input state by default.
+Ver. 3.11.3 (14-09-2017)
+Ver. 3.11.2 (27-06-2017)
+Ver. 3.11.1 (09-06-2017)
+Ver. 3.11.0 (28-04-2017)
+Ver. 3.10.0 (05-12-2016)
+Ver. 3.9.0 (31-10-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.5 (02-09-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.4 (17-06-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.3 (03-06-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.2 (01-06-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.1 (10-05-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.0 (27-04-2016)
+Ver. 3.7.0 (11-01-2016)
+Ver. 3.6.7 (06-11-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.6 (02-11-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.5 (28-10-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.4 (13-10-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.3 (13-08-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.2 (03-07-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.1 (29-06-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.0 (21-05-2015)
+Ver. 3.5.2 (20-04-2015)

Introduction to Neets Switching Relay - 8

A video introduction to Neets Switching Relay - 8

  • Q: How can I use the Neets Switching Relay - 8 out of the box?
    A: As default, it is set to link the eight I/O ports to the Neets Switching Relay - 8. I/O 1 to Relay 1, I/O 2 to relay 2 and so on.
  • Q: Can I daisy chain Neets Switching Relay - 8 using RS-232 loop through?
    A: Yes, you can daisy chain up to eight Neets Switching Relay – 8 units providing you with up to 64 relay options. However, you do need to set a different UNIT ID for each 8-Relay.
  • Q: How does RS-232 loop-through work?
    A: Connect your control panel to the RS-232 port 1 and any sequence sent to this port with an id number different from itself will be retransmitted on port 2.
  • Q: How do I update the firmware of Switching Relay - 8, if the firmware is newer than 3.6.3?
    A: Open Project Designer and press update to ensure you have the latest firmware downloaded, then connect the Switching Relay - 8 to a computer via USB, and then a box appears if there is a newer firmware than the one in the device.
  • Q: How do I update the firmware if the firmware is 3.6.2 or older? (Only relevant for products bought before August 2015)
    A: Connect the Switching Relay - 8 to a computer via USB, and the box should show as a drive in file explorer.

    Now swap the file on the drive with the newest firmware from our website. In the future, the relay will update automatically when connecting to Neets Project Designer.
    Be sure you have updated the Project Designer software before starting the process!
    Note: This can only be done form a computer running Windows 7!
  • Q: How can I tell the UNIT ID of a given Neets Switching Relay – 8?
    A: When switching on the power, the LEDs on the front of your Relay - 8 will indicate the UNIT ID (between 1 and 8). If you need an ID that is higher than 8, you want to use RS-232 or LAN commands.
  • Q: How do I factory reset a Neets Switching Relay - 8?
    A: Press test buttons 1 and 8 for about 5 seconds until the relay restarts.
  • Q: What is the max load for one relay?
    Power supply:
    110-240 VAC

    Relay load max AC1:

    Relay load max:
    AC15 (240VAC)
    Relay single-phase
    motor rating (240 VAC):

    Relay max voltage:
    240 VAC
  • Q: Can the Neets Switching Relay - 8 be controlled via LAN?
    A: Yes, up to 8 units can be added to a NEETS control system that has LAN connection. Without loosing any LAN control ports for other devices.
  • Q: How do I setup the IP address of the Neets Switching Relay - 8?
    A: This is done with the RS-232 on port 1 by sending the following command:
    where the UNIT ID of your relay is 1, and is the IP address you want to set.
    Remember to send a save command to save your settings for when the power is off.
    The save command is: NEUNIT=1,SAVE=TRUE
    See the protocol list in the manual for further network settings you can alter.
    means Carriage Return Hex=0D
  • Q: What is the default LAN settings of the Neets Switching Relay - 8?
    IP address:
    Subnet address:
    Default Gateway:
    DHCP: off
    LAN speed: 100 Full duplex
    TCP port: 5000
  • Q: How do I change the UNIT ID of an 8-Relay?
    A: You can change the address either by RS-232, LAN or the test button on the front of the unit. To change the address of the Relay-8 by RS-232 or LAN, please use the command UNITID in the protocol list. To change the address of the Relay-8 using the buttons on front of the unit, please follow these steps:

    - Connect power to the unit.
    - Within 5 seconds, press one of the test buttons and hold it until the LED lights up.

    When the Relay – 8 is powered up, it shows its current address on the relay status LED. LED 1 = address 1, LED 2 = address 2 …. (While the unit address is displayed, the power on the LED is blue.)

    If no LED is on, the address is out of the 1-8 range. You can give the address any address using the UNITID command on either RS-232 or LAN.
  • Q: What is the default Baudrate of a Neets Switching Relay - 8?
    Baudrate: 19200
    Data bit: 8
    Stop bit: 1
    Parity: None
  • Q: What comes with the package?
    1 x Neets Switching Relay – 8
    1 x Power Cable
    8 x Large 3 pin Phoenix connectors (For the relays)
    2 x 5 pin Phoenix connectors (For the IO’s)
    2 x 3 pin Phoenix connectors (For the RS-232 ports)
    8 x Cable ties
    2 x Cable relies brackets
    2 x Cable relief covers
    4 x M4x6 screws
    2 x M4x45 screws
  • Q: How do I secure heavy duty cables?
    A: To secure heavy duty cables at the relay receptacles, two sets of cable relief brackets and covers are supplied along with the Relay - 8.

    Secure the cable relief brackets using the M4x6mm screws to the Relay - 8.

    Insert your cable in the supplied screw terminal connector and insert the connector into the appropriate relay receptacle in the Relay – 8.

    Secure the cables with supplied cable binders to the cable relief bracket.
  • Q: If I want to connect the switching relay directly, what type of cable should I use?
    A: You can use both a straight and crossed cable, and you can also freely choose between CAT5, 6 and 7 cables.
  • Q: How can I tell if the Switching Relay 8 is the new improved version?
    A: Locate the serial number, new range are starting at 1733XXXXX and upwards.

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