With a connection to a buildings KNX network, Neets control systems can control and react on events from the KNX network.
When interfacing to the KNX you will get real time events and by using the same group addresses that already is used in the KNX system you will find it easy to control light and other things from a Neets control system.

  • Easy integration with KNX
    Drag and Drop configuration of most popular types of KNX functions.
  • Multiple devices
    Control different KNX devices like lights On/Off, dimmers, blinds/curtains, temperature, scene control etc.
  • Push information
    Receive an update whenever a KNX unit is changing state.
  • Interface to KNX
    Interface directly to the KNX network using a 3rd party gateway.

Minimum requirements to control KNX with a Neets control system

  • Neets Project Designer 1.12.1
  • A KNX license key bought on
  • General knowledge on KNX ETS software
  • Q: Where can I find more information on the KNX plugin?
    A: You can find more information on the KNX plugin in our knowledge database

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