Neets Control - DelTa

Rack mounted control system with integrated Audio Mixer


Neets Control – DelTa provides complete control of all room functions.

DelTa has a variety of functions for demanding AV-installations such as: Built-in Audio mixer, control the room with touch devices or NEB extensions, create your own GUI design and easy room monitoring with Neets Central Control software.

DelTa is a versatile AV control system and offers complete control of demanding AV installations.

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  • Rack mounted AV control system with iOS/Android support
    The world’s most compact AV control system – no external processors required
  • 1 Bi-directional RS-485 port
    Used for controlling projectors, displays, amplifiers & other AV devices with
    feedback functionality
  • 3 Bi-directional RS-232 port or 6 IR ports
    Used for controlling projectors, displays, amplifiers & other AV devices with feedback functionality
  • 5 Uni-directional RS-232 or 10 IR ports
    Used for sending commands to projectors or other AV devices using serial or infrared communication
  • 1 Ethernet port
    Used for controlling 10 LAN devices and connection to Central Control and Project Designer
  • 16 General Purpose I/O ports
    Used for input/output control of relays, switches and sensors
  • Built-in relays
    2 x potential free relays (assignable)
  • 1 NEB port (Neets Expansion Bus)
    Add. up to 5 additional devices - choose between Keypad, Level Control or Port Expansion (serial and I/O)
  • Audio mixer (built-in)
    Control and mix audio from up to 6 difference sources. Transmit audio to 2 external amplifiers
  • 2 Lighting controls
    Control and dim lighting levels in rooms and meeting facilities
  • Custom graphical user interface (GUI)
    Create your own custom graphical user interface for the AV-installation in your own design
  • Automatic timer functions
    A build-in timer can be set to switch a projector or a screen off after a period of inactivity
  • Email notifications and warnings
    Email notification on lamp/filter hours and warnings
  • Built-in Infrared Learner
    IR learner built into the front for easy IR code learning
  • Intuitive configuration
    Drag and drop configuration through our free and no-license software: Neets Project Designer
Technical Specifications
Power input:
Voltage 97VAC - 240VAC
Frequency 47Hz - 63Hz
Power usage 8W
Connector type IEC plug

Relay Output:
Voltage max 240VAC
Current max 8A
Load max AC1 1150W @ 230VAC
Load max AC15 500W @ 230VAC
Single phase motor 370W @ 230VAC
Connector 3 pin screw block

0-10V output:
Output error +/- 0.01% full scale
Min step (full scale) 2048
Mode options 0-10V, 1-10V, free
Output impedance 10R
Output current max 25 mA / 400 ohm
Connector 2 pin screw block

Input / Output:
Input trigger low < 1VDC
Input trigger high > 4VDC
Output type Open drain
Isolated output No
Max voltage load 24VDC
Max current 0.5A
Connector 5 pin screw block

Baud rate 1200-115200bit/sec
Data bits 7 – 8
Parity Even, Odd, None
Stop bits 1/2

Duplex modes: Half or full
Baud rate: 1200-115200bit/sec
Data bits 7 – 8
Parity Even, Odd, None
Stop bits 1/2

Transmit frequency 400Hz to 500 KHz
IR Learn frequency 1KHz to 150 KHz
Devices. 10

Network (LAN):
Speed 10/100Mbit
Duplex modes Half or full
DHCP Default off
Default IP
Default gateway
Default subnet mask

Un- or Balanced inputs 4
Microphone or line input 1
Unbalanced input 1
Un- or Balanced outputs 2
Microphone gain 30dB - 42dB
Mic SNR (@3,6mV RMS) <93dB
Line in SNR (@ 1V RMS) <92dB
Channel separation <95dB
Frequency response 20Hz - 20KHz +/-1dB
Input level max (THD 1%) 2.3VRMS
Output max (THD 1%) 2.3VRMS
Balanced input Gain 0 - 6dB
Volume level 0 - 79dB
Mute <100dB

Type Micro-SD,
Card size min / max size 1Gb / 4Gb
File system FAT 32

Width: 483 mm/ 437 mm
Height: 44 mm (1.75”) (1U)
Depth: 146 mm

Width: 19,01 inches/ 17,20 inches
Height: 1,73 inches (1U)
Depth: 5,55 inches

1.9kg/ 4.1lbs/ 67,02 oz

Weight shipping
2.2kg/ 4.9lbs/ 77,60oz

Shipping dimensions:
(W/D/H) 530mm / 230mm / 80mm

Storage temperature -20°C to 50°C
Storage moisture Non condensing
Operation temperature 0°C to 30°C
Operation moisture Non condensing


Neets Project Designer
Neets Project Designer
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Neets Central Control
Neets Central Control
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-Ver. 3.12.0 (16-10-2017)
New Features:
  • KNX devices license support in control systems.
  • Calendar functions and support for NEB expansion unit's RTC.
Bug Fixes:
  • QueBec Pro I/Os are now in input state by default.
+Ver. 3.11.3 (14-09-2017)
+Ver. 3.11.2 (27-06-2017)
+Ver. 3.11.1 (09-06-2017)
+Ver. 3.11.0 (28-04-2017)
+Ver. 3.10.0 (05-12-2016)
+Ver. 3.9.0 (31-10-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.5 (02-09-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.4 (17-06-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.3 (03-06-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.2 (01-06-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.1 (10-05-2016)
+Ver. 3.8.0 (27-04-2016)
+Ver. 3.7.0 (11-01-2016)
+Ver. 3.6.7 (06-11-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.6 (02-11-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.5 (28-10-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.4 (13-10-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.3 (13-08-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.2 (29-06-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.1 (29-06-2015)
+Ver. 3.6.0 (21-05-2015)
+Ver. 3.5.2 (20-04-2015)
+Ver. 3.5.1 (25-03-2015)
+Ver. 3.5.0 (16-03-2015)
+Ver. 3.4.4 (04-02-2015)
+Ver. 3.4.3 (04-02-2015)
+Ver. 3.4.2 (26-01-2015)
+Ver. 3.4.1 (13-01-2015)
+Ver. 3.4.0 (15-12-2014)
+Ver. 3.3.2 (14-11-2014)
+Ver. 3.3.1 (04-11-2014)
+Ver. 3.2.4 (17-09-2014)
+Ver. 3.2.3 (02-09-2014)
+Ver. 3.2.2 (17-07-2014)
+Ver. 3.2.1 (27-06-2014)
+Ver. 3.2.0 (20-06-2014)
+Ver. 3.1.0 (27-02-2014)
+Ver. 3.0.2 (16-01-2014)
+Ver. 3.0.1 (10-12-2013)

Delta's Audio Mixer setup

A video on how to setup Delta's Audio Mixer

  • Q: Does the DelTa have bi-directional communication ports?
    A: Yes, the DelTa has three RS-232 ports that are all bi-directional and support 10 x LAN devices
  • Q: How many NEBs can I add to the DelTa?
    A: Add up to 5 NEB units via NEB extender.
    Max 4 x NEB Keypad
    Max 2 x NEB Level Control
    Max 1 x NEB Port Expansion
  • Q: Does the DelTa support lighting control?
    A: Yes, the DelTa has two built-in 0-10V level control outputs.
  • Q: Does the Audio Mixer have any built-in EQ functions?
    A: Yes, you can set Treble/Bass and Balance through a dedicated website for the Audio Mixer.
  • Q: How does the Audio Mixer function work?
    A: The Audio Mixer has its own website (offline) where you can set the presets and adjust settings from any mobile device or browser.
  • Q: How do I access the audio settings over web?
    A: The configuration interface is accessible through the IP address of the control system e.g.
  • Q: Is there a DSP build in the DelTa?
    A: No
  • Q: Does the microphone input have phantom power?
    A: No
  • Q: Can I use the line input as Microphone input?
    A: Yes, if you use a wireless line microphone
  • Q: Does the Audio Mixer support multiple zones?
    A: Yes, you can mix the inputs individually for two zones/ dual zone.
  • Q: What should I do when I want to use the Delta as Enhanced LAN expansion?
    A: Upload an empty project into the Delta. This ensures that the systems are running the same firmware.
  • Q: How does extension devices communicate with the control system?
    A: The Neets Control system uses Multicast to communicate. This is done on IP address port 7979.
    • Each control system/extension device sends out a "keep a live" every 3 seconds.
    • If the control system has not received any message from an extension device for 10 sec it will indicate connection error.
    • The timeout is an individual timer for each extension device.
    • The “missing connection” indication will be removed when the connection is established and the extension device is initialized again.
    • The 10 sec timeout is reset whenever there are communication between the units e.g. when RS232 commands is transmitted or an event is triggered.
    • The control systems support IGMP, this allows the control system to only receive multicast packages on the address that it need and it also doesn't “Pollute” the entire network like UDP broadcast. In order to use IGMP the switch also need to support this.
  • Q: How does the mixing function work?

    Q: How does the mixing function work?
  • Q: What is the maximum memory card capacity supported?
    A: It is important to use an industrial grade card with maximum 4 Gb of memory. We recommend smallest possible and stock size are 256 Mb.

    spare cards can be purchased here:

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