4 inch touch panel

Intuitive interface

packed into a small recognizable size.

A part of a large

touch family

No more remotes needed ind the room

Intuitive interface, makes life easy for the presenter

Connects to your existing and new equipment

Easy installation through PoE

World class support

Experience the 4'' touch panel

Familiar interface

The 4” touch panel offers an intuitive interface, guiding the presenter before, during and after the meeting. The smaller size of the 4” touch makes it easily recognizable when entering the room and is a discrete solution – perfectly suited for placement next to your display. It is a perfect fit for conference rooms with less equipment.

Control the room with ease

The Neets ARONA touch interface solves any potential problems in regards to controlling your conference room equipment. Clean interfaces maximizes efficiency for your meeting resulting in less problems or misunderstandings.

Make it your own

The ARONA interface boasts full customizability, from button placement to colors and corporate identity. This means that you can make the 4” touch fit your unique environment and your needs.

Control of anything and everything

The 4” touch panel is a great match for the LiMa and the TanGo control system, for control of all your equipment. You can choose the system that fits your room - no more, no less.

Easy installation

The 4” touch panel are connected via PoE (power over Ethernet), resulting in a fast and easy installation.

Choose variant

  • Recognizable format
    The format of the 4” touch panel is known by user from smartphones, giving a higher degree of recognizability.
  • The best control system for the job
    The panel offers a separate control system setup, allowing the system to match your needs perfectly. The design of the 4” touch panel is great for the LiMa and TanGo control systems.
  • Intuitive user interface
    The ARONA user interface, which allows you to completely customize the GUI design, are included.
  • Wall mounted
    Fits standard 1-gang DK, EU or US back box. Wall bracket included.
  • PoE Powered
    Power the touch panel with a compliant PoE power supply (PoE injector not included)
4" touch panel
800x480 resolution IPS panel with full viewing angle (brightness 400 nits).
Dpi : 234

PoE support
Power through PoE (Power over Ethernet).

Proximity sensor – For automatic display activation
Ambient Light sensor – For automatic backlight dimming.

Touch Screen
Scratch resistant glass-on-glass touch screen.

RJ45 with POE – For both Power and Ethernet communication
Micro USB (for FW upgrade only).

Design Templates
Use graphical templates or completely customize the GUI in Project Designer.

Fits standard 1-gang DK, EU or US back box and wall bracket included.
Control System compatibility
Compatible with Neets Control Systems SieRRa II, TanGo, AlFa II, DelTa and LiMa.

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