Neets Serial Splitter 1-4


The Neets Serial Splitter 1-4 makes it easy to show the same content on up to four (4) LCD or plasma screens. This is possible as by adding the Neets Serial Splitter 1 – 4 you can distribute one RS-232 signal to multiple receivers.

If you need to control more than four devices this is also a possibility. Just add another Neets Serial Splitter 1-4 to one of the output ports on the first Neets Serial Splitter.

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  • Distributes one RS-232 signal to four identical receivers
  • Can be mounted in trunking system
  • User friendly
Power supply 12V Dc
Autodetect settings: baudrate, databit, parity and stopbit
1 x two way port, 3 x Tx port only.

L: 125 mm
W: 51 mm (excl. connectors)
H: 25 mm

L: 4,92 inches
W: 2,00 inches (excl. connectors)
H: 0,98 inches

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