Neets Rack Shelf

1U Rack Shelf for easy mounting


Neets Rack Shelf is a 1U rack shelf designed to fit the Neets Audio Amplifier – 2:25 and Neets Audio Preamplifier.

The Rack Shelf has a great usability, with a depth of only 30 cm offering easy mounting of non-standard equipment into standard 19” rack systems.

Holds combinations of 1U, 1U half-rack, one-third-rack, or quarter-rack width Neets products.

  • Fixing holes for flexible mounting
    Multiple fixing holes to suit most equipment including Neets Audio products
  • Easy Mounting
    Mounting is easy as all parts needed for mounting is included in the box, as well as the Rack Shelf has dedicated plate cutouts for cable relief
  • The box includes
    1 x 19” Rack shelf - Base unit
    1 x Cover plate for rack shelf - 1/2 rack
    1 x Cover plate for rack shelf - 1/3 rack
    1 x Cover plate for rack shelf - 1/4 rack
    1 x Cover plate for rack shelf - 1/6 rack
    19” rack mount kit (Screw,washer,nut)
    Cable tie 200mm x 4,6mm
    Screw, M4x10, Panhead, Black
    Installation guide for 19” rack shelf
Technical Specifications
Available in:
Black powder coating

Weight Capacity:
5 kg

Width: 439 mm
Height: 44 mm
Depth: 300 mm

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