Neets Control - QueBec Pro


Neets Control - QueBec Pro is designed to create an intelligent AV-control environment in small and medium-sized meeting rooms or learning spaces with interactive displays or LCDs.

The auto-switching between sources makes it easy for all users to connect instantly. Even collaboration using Wireless presentation solutions are seamlessly supported and works smarter with QueBec Pro.

QueBec Pro senses the presence of image/picture, and automatically initiates room functions and switches automatically between all HDMI/ VGA signals.

Choose variant

  • Automatic Sensing AV control system
    Senses the video signal and automatically starts up room functions
  • Makes Wireless Presentation smarter
    Enhance collaboration between displays, wireless presentation solutions and other AV devices
  • Auto Source Selection
    Latest active source is automatically selected and displayed
  • HDMI Sensing and Repeater
    HDMI sense works with all products and the repeater enables longer cable drive
  • VGA Video Detection
    Enables Hsync detection of video signals
  • Built–in 3-Port HDMI switch
    Connect 3 HDMI input sources and switch between upon signal present
  • Fast installation
    Euroblock connectors and PoE makes installation fast and efficient
  • 2 Bi-directional RS-232 or 4 IR port
    Used for sending commands to projectors or other AV devices using serial or infrared communication
  • 2 General Purpose I/O ports
    Used for input/output control of relays, switches and sensors
  • 1 Ethernet port
    Used for controlling 2 LAN devices and extension devices
  • PoE powered
    Power the QueBec Pro with a compliant PoE power supply or switch (PoE injector not included)
    Link to compliant PoE Injector
RS-232 / IR port:
Ports: 2 x bidirectional
Baud rate 1200 – 115200 bit/sec
Data bits 7, 8
Parity Even, Odd, None
Stop bits 1, 2
IR frequency 400 Hz to 500 KHz
Connector 3 pin screw block

Input / Output:
Ports 2 x I/O
Input trigger low < 1VDC
Input trigger high > 4VDC
Output type Open drain
Isolated output No
Max voltage load 24 VDC
Max current 0.5 A
Connector 3 pin screw block

Relay Output :
Voltage max 30 VDC
Current max 0.5 A
Connector 2 pin screw block

VGA Loop through w. signal sensing:
Signal channel VGA loop through
Signal sensing Vertical sync signal
Specification QWXGA – 2048x1152
Connector DSUB DE-15

HDMI switch:
3 in 1 out HDMI switch w. signal sensing:
Signal sensing type: TMDS clock.
Specification HDMI 1.3
Connector HDMI Type A

HDCP support:

Video support:
HDTV formats up to
1080p 12bit Deep Color
DVI RGB graphics up to
1600 x 1200 @ 60Hz

Audio support:
Full audio input and
stereo output support
HDMI Compatible audio

Network (LAN):
Speed 10 / 100 Mbit
Duplex modes Half or Full
DHCP Default off
Default IP
Default gateway
Default subnet mask

PoE – Power over Ethernet:
QueBec Pro is IEEE 802.3 compliant. This entails it will work with both 802.3af and 802.3at devices

Note: PoE Injector not included.
Link to compliant PoE Injector

Width: 218 mm / 8.58 inch.
Depth: 70 mm / 2.76 inch.
Height: 37 mm / 1.46 inch.

General: Weight: 0.5 kg

Storage temperature: -20 °C to 50 °C
Storage moisture: Non condensing

Operation temperature: 0 °C to 30 °C
Operation moisture: Non condensing

Approval: CE, FCC (part 15, class A)
IEC/EN 61000-6-1
IEC/EN 61000-6-2

Product item number:
310-0020: Neets Control – QueBec Pro

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