Neets Central Control

Remote monitoring software


Get a quick overview of all your rooms from one location. Central Control makes it easy for you to support users of AV equipment in a simple and time saving way.

The software is designed so it doesn’t require any programming skills. It is intuitive to configure and is a simple tool to support the users of your AV equipment. It is also possible to monitor status on lamp and filter hours for your projectors with Neets Central Control; all it takes is one glance at the computer to see if it is time to change filters or lamps.

At the end of the day, you can turn off all your AV equipment simultaneously – simply press “off” on your central computer. It is that easy.

Download latest version

Ver. 1.5.4 (25-01-2018)
Setup file size: 10.6 MB

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Get Access
  • Remote monitoring
    Monitor and control all networked Neets
    Control Systems from one central location
  • Grouping rooms, floors and levels
    Control groups or individual rooms, floors and levels
  • Remote AV-support
    From AV/IT support you can immediately get an overview of a room and control the room from a remote location
  • Lamp & Filter hours feedback
    Get status on lamp and filter hours for your projectors for preventive maintenance

Minimum requirements

  • Software requirements
    Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 or higher
  • Hardware requirements
    1 GHz processor or faster
    1 GB RAM or more
    500 MB disk space available
    1024x768 screen resolution
    USB port, LAN port or WiFi for communication with control system

Recommended requirements

  • Software requirements
    Windows 7 or newer
    Microsoft .NET framework 1.1 or higher
    DirectX 9 or higher
  • Hardware requirement
    1.5 GHz processor or faster
    2 GB RAM or more
    1 GB disk space available
    1366x768 screen resolution
    USB port, LAN port or WiFi for communication with control system
    Internet access for downloading updates
  • Q: Which operating systems are compatible with Neets Central Control?
    A: The Neets Central Control runs on Windows XP and newer.
  • Q: Which graphical interfaces does the Neets Central Control support?
    A: Neets Central Control supports the following units: IE10, Safari 6.0, Chrome, Android units (only when using the Neets App) and iOS units.
  • Q: Can I use one control system to control multiple control systems?
    A: Yes, provided of course every control system is a Neets product with a LAN interface, Neets Central Control software will allow you to control a large group of control systems as well as control panels in different rooms with one single control system.
  • Q: How do I find the different control panels in all the rooms?
    A: Simply click on the "find panels" button and the central control software makes a list with all Neets Control Systems and IP addresses available on the local network.
  • Q: Can I make the central control monitor filter and lamp hours and give me a warning when a bulb needs replacing?
    A: Yes, in the Neets Central Control you can setup warning and error threshold for lamp and filter and in the overview you can easily see the what panels that need your attention. If you want to receive an e-mail instead this can be configured in the control system during installation.
  • Q: Will central control work on big and complex networks?
    A: Yes, it will, but there are certain things you or your network administrator need to take into account before implementing.

    You will need to open the following ports: FTP TCP ports 20 & 21, Telnet port 23 and TCP port 5009 and UDP ports 8000 and 8001 for broadcast purposes as the central control communicates with Neets Control Systems via these ports.

    If you cannot open the ports 8000 and 8001, you will not be able to use functions LAN Look-up and Live Update. Instead of using Live Update, the system periodically checks the status of all control systems and IP addresses of the control system can be entered automatically when they has to be add to Central Control.

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