4 inch touch panel & LiMa

A great bundle

for smaller rooms

Great match for smaller meeting rooms

Instantly recognizable user interface

No more remotes needed in your room

Your brand. Your design. Your functions.

Easy installation with PoE

A great team – brains and interface

Seamless control of smaller rooms

The Neets 4” touch panel is a perfect match with the LiMa control system. The bundle enables seamless control of smaller rooms as well as an intuitive user interface. The small size of the 4” touch panel allows installation wherever needed, and offers instant recognizability when entering a room, with an intuitive user interface.

Upgrade your conference room

Do you accept ambiguous interfaces, missing remotes and employees time been wasted at a daily basis? Ineffective meetings are time consuming, frustrating and expensive. No need to worry – your conference room is easier to upgrade than you imagine.

Intuitive interfaces

We put an end to cluttered interfaces with ARONA - our system that powers the touch panels. ARONA gives you the possibility to choose the specific buttons and functions that suits your room.

...and of course your new touch panel match your corporate identity

As the final twist - you are able to match the interface to your corporate visual identity or simply to the style of your conference room.

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