10 inch touch panel & TanGo

A bundle for larger rooms or lecture halls

Great for larger rooms or lecture halls

Great for video conferencing

An intuitive and easy-to-use control interface

Connects your existing and new equipment

Easy installation through PoE

Command the entire room from your fingertips

When combining 10’’ of screen real-estate with an intuitive interface you get quick and easy access to all of your AV equipment. The large size makes it immediately recognizable when entering the room and is designed for convenient placement on you conference table, as well as a great fit for wall mounting.

A strong system powers the experience

TanGo is our most powerful touch panel controller enabling you to gather all of your AV equipment into one single hub.

Easy day to day use of complex rooms or lecture

This bundle makes presenting easy even in well-equipped rooms or lecture halls with window blinds, screens, lights, audio etc.

Easy installation

Connected via PoE (Power over Ethernet) ensures fast and easy installation, either on wall or with the Neets table stand.

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