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Danish Design


Keypad with minimalistic design; looks great when wall mounted in any type of interior design

A sense of touch


Keypad with digital E-ink display - feels like a touch panel, but at a competitive price

Reduced support time


A keypad control system that is so user- friendly it requires no explanation

Hassle-free installation


The digital interface means that no paper, stickers or extra buttons are needed

Neets Control - UniForm

Why your customers will like it

ONE highly compatible keypad controlling all equipment in the room

  User-friendly, tactile control
Less user support due to well-known button interaction and user-friendly interface saves you time

  Same uniform user-experience in all rooms
Makes controlling AV functions EASY and intuitive regardless of chosen room and equipment

  Designed for wall-mounting
Compact control system in Scandinavian design suitable for wall-mounting ensuring visible, EASY-to-find remote

Highly flexible solution
High compatibility ensures flexibility in choice of future AV technology regardless of brand and technology


Why you will like it

  High-turnover product
Competitive price - and a sense of touch offers low-effort, high-impact sale

  Time-saving installation
Can be installed by both integrators and installers - fast and EASY

  Hassle-free digital labelling
E-ink labelling technology - no print and paper, no stickers, no extra buttons

 On-site configuration
Fast configuration with EASY-access USB, freedom to configure and customize any button function

  No-programming required
EASY configuration with drag'n'drop software saves scarce resource; no programming skills needed

  20 years of experience
Based on 20 years of experience with user-friendly keypads; the worlds's most compact AV-control system


UniForm front and back

Feature list

2.7 inch high contrast e-ink display​
Ensures a smooth intuitive user experience for presenters and technicians. ​

Freely configurable keypad buttons​
Provides uniform AV control interface in all rooms ​
Can be customized and configured with up to 8 buttons for any function​

1 Bi-directional RS-232/IR port​
Used for controlling projectors, displays, amplifiers & other AV devices with feedback functionality​

2 Uni-directional RS-232/IR ports​
Used for sending commands to projectors or other AV devices using serial communication​

1 Ethernet port​
Used for controlling 2 LAN devices and connection to Project Designer​

3 General Purpose I/O ports​
Used for input/output control of relays, switches and sensors​

1 easy-access USB port​
Used for easy system configuration, uploading and downloading project files, service and maintenance​

PoE support​
Includes Power over Ethernet support to avoid external PSU​

Add up to 8 extra Neets products as extensions​

Email notifications and warnings​
Email notification on lamp/filter hours and warnings​

Configuration through our free and no-license software: Neets Project Designer​

Neets Control - UniForm, back - rear view

E-ink display
2.7 inch E-ink display​
Resolution 264 x 172 pixels​
High contrast​
Ultra wide viewing angle​
Ultra low power consumption​
1-bit white/black​​

Communication ports​
1 x RS-232 (TX and RX)​
Baud: 1200 – 115200​
Data Bit: 7/8​
Parity: None, Even, Odd​
Stop Bit: 1/1.5/2​​

2 x RS-232 (TX)
Baud: 1200 – 115200​
Parity: None, even, odd​
Stop Bit: 1/1.5/2​

1 x Ethernet port​
Speed: 10/100 Mbit​
Devices: 2​

Product: 84 g – 0.18 lb
Wall Bracket: 47 g – 0.10 lb
Shipping: 223 g – 0.49 lb


3 x I/Os (GPIO)​
Sense Low: <1 VDC​
Sense High: >4 VDC​

Type: Open drain​
Max Voltage: 24 VDC​
Max Current: 0.5 A​

Included in box​
Neets Control - UniForm​
Quick installation guide​
Mounting bracket​
Mounting screws and Rawlplugs​​

PoE – Power over Ethernet​
Complies with IEEE 802.3​ and 802.3at, type 1​

Approval: CE, FCC (part 15, class A)​
EN 55032
EN 55035

Product item number​
310-0350: Neets Control – UniForm​

Optional product​
302-000508: PoE Injector​


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