Make it your touch panel

Your brand. Your design. Your functions.

See the Neets Touch Panel range from our booth at ISE 2019

3 different sizes suitable for any meeting room size

Customizable interface to fit corporate branding

Total room control made easy – connect any device

A shortcut to user-friendly pro AV

Customization without programming

4" Touch Panel


"Exclusive" Keypad

You can configure your touch panel to work just like a keypad control system - with many more capabilities and a luxurious feel.

Familiar size and feel 

The touch panel is approximately the same size as a standard smartphone, meaning that users will be familiar with its look and feel and can recognize its purpose, thus reducing barriers to user adoption.

Discreet solution

This wall mounted touchpanel's size and minimalistic design ensures that it can be integrated in any meeting room's interior design.

7" Touch Panel


Mount it anywhere

This touchpanel can be wall mounted with a one gang back box, or mounted on a table with our custom designed table stand

✔  Meeting room management

It is also the perfect size to install outside your meeting room to be used as a Meeting Room Booking System. This feature can be figured with the Neets Project Designer.

 Connect all your equipment

The touch panel's interface is large enough to display control functions for all the equipment in a standard meeting/conference room, without compromising the interface's design and usability.

10" Touch Panel


 Total meeting room control

The biggestt screen of the range and the perfect size for larger conference room or lecture halls with lots of different equipment to control.

 At your fingertips

We recommend mounting the touch panel on a table or desk, which is the most convenient location for users when controlling meeting room equipment.

Perfect for video conferencing

The touch panel's large large is perfect for a video conferencing setting, where users need to control several types of equipment (sound, cameras, lights etc.) simultaneously.

See how easy it is to design a custom interface with the Neets Project Designer.

The brains behind the screen

All the power and control you need - without any unecessary extras.

Neets Control - LiMa

  • Powered with a PoE power supply or switch
  • 2 General Purpose I/O ports
  • 10 LAN connections


See features and specs

Neets Control - TanGo

  • 8 General Purpose I/O ports
  • Email notifications and warnings
  • Built-in Infrared Learner


 See features and specs

A complete solution for any meeting room

Table stand

  • Made of high durability steel
  • One size - fits the 7" and 10" touchpanels
  • Magnetic mounting


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Soundbar SB-1

  • High quality audio in three sound modes
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Perfect for video conferencing


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Neets MiniConnect MC-1

  • Remove cable clutter from the room
  • Retrofit in any type of furniture
  • Flexible solution for any equipment


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