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The Neets corporate blog is a place where we share our thoughts relating to the latest trends in the AV industry, customer insights and best practices for creating a positive experience for end users.

3 minute read

Why is an AV control system still needed in the modern meeting room?

25 Apr 2019 by Dennis Cato-Hansen

We discuss how an AV control installation is still relevant and beneficial for companies and meeting room users.

Technology, user experience

4 minute read

The importance of designing a good user interface for control devices

03 Apr 2019 by Aske Korsgaard Hejlesen

We discuss the concept of a good user interface and give you 4 guidelines for designing a great GUI for your customers’ control devices.

user experience, Technology

2 minute read

The evergrowing importance of audio in collaboration spaces

15 Mar 2019 by Michael J. Christensen

Why investing in a high-quality audio system is just as important as a display when equipping a modern meeting room.


6 minute read

7-Step UX checklist | Buy the right technology for your users

22 Feb 2019 by Aske Korsgaard Hejlesen

We believe that user experience should be an important criterion when selecting AV equipment for your meeting rooms or learning spaces. We've made a UX checklist you can use to easily assess whether a product is right for your users.

Business, user experience

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