Automated control range

Minimum user interaction required.

Automated control by Neets

An energy-saving solution for your meeting room. Programmed auto on/off. No remote controls, no user operations required. Connect your computer to get started right away.

Plug in to get started in seconds

The perfect solution for the busy times where several people need to display content from their screen one after the other without wasting time.

Neets' automated control systems let you plug in your laptop and get started with your presentation within seconds. When you are done presenting and you unplug your PC, all the equipment automatically turns off again, protecting your equipment and ensuring energy efficiency.

These solutions are perfect for classrooms, where teacher and students need to do several presentations after another. They are also ideal for meeting rooms that are not used frequently, to make sure that the AV equipment is turned off after use.

Get rid of remote controls in your meeting room

The automated control systems are designed to remove the need for remote controls for displays or projectors since the user just needs to plug in their laptop to get started -the control system turns on the equipment automatically the second it detects a device is connected.



No remotes, no buttons

- Just plug in and present

QueBec Pro

  • Wireless presentation solution.
  • No remotes and buttons required.
  • Automatically turns displays on and off dependant on use.


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QueBec II

  • No remotes and no buttons required.
  • Plug in and present.
  • Supports easy switching between sources.
  • 1 VGA and 1 HDMI port for connection


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Quebec III

  • No remotes and no buttons required
  • Plug in and present
  • Supports easy switching between sources
  • 2 HDMI ports for connection


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Complete your meeting room equipment setup

with professional quality AV equipment

Easy Connect

No more cable clutter

  • Connects you to all the equipment in room
  • Contains power socket to charge your device
  • Contains a configurable keypad to control more devices.
  • Close the lid to hide all the cables and plugs


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Sound Bar - SB1

Bring your messages to life

  • Crisp, clear audio through the entire room
  • Elegant Scandinavian design
  • Available in 5 vibrant colors
  • Compatible with all Neets control systems
  • Can be wall-mounted or placed on a shelf


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PIR Sensor

Automatic power control

  • Detects movement in the room.
  • Shuts down equipment automatically.
  • Compatible with all Neets Control systems.
  • Configurable to set an alarm if movement is detected.


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