With the release of Neets Project Designer 1.21.1 we introduce:

Multiple Graphical Interfaces (MGI)

Now possible to have up to three (3) independent graphical interfaces using just one Neets Control System*.

Adding this functionality provides a dual-room solution using only one control system with graphical Touch Panels in each room.

One of the advantages of this setup is that when the two rooms are separated, they each have their own interface and functionality. Using the Touch Panels, the rooms can work either synchronously or individually.

Moreover, this new version allows you to install a third Touch Panel in the tech room where you can add functions that are only relevant for the technician.

You can download Neets Project Designer 1.21.1 here or fill out this form for access.

You can view the new introduction video for Neets Project Designer here

*SieRRa II, TanGo, AlFa II and DelTa


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