With the release of Neets Project Designer 1.20 we introduce to new functions.

Replacement Function

We have experienced that many installations are installed with a graphical interface, which can be time consuming to make. Therefore, the requests of reusing the work across our control systems have been increasing.

We have made it possible to replace a control system with another, and this function works on all our control systems that has a graphical interface; SieRRa II, TanGo, AlFa II and DelTa.

One Device Driver Opens for Many Devices

Neets Certified device driver is tested and published. Now we have made device drivers that are not tested, but made solely based on protocols.
These device drivers are identically expect timing and come inputs.

To make it easy for you we have made it possible to add “Alternative models” to a device driver. When using this function you will see the chosen device as any ‘normal’ device in Project Designer, but when adding the device to your project, you will be asked to enter the timing needed for this specific device.

In short time you will have many new device drivers in Project Designer enabling you to easily find the device model you are using.

To view all features and download Neets Project Designer 1.20 go here

You can view the new introduction video for Neets Project Designer here


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