With the release of Neets Project Designer 1.12  we introduce  we introduce a new Week Event Timer function and KNX support. 

KNX Support

We have made sure that you can enable all Neets Control Systems with LAN ports to KNX. Now, you have direct access to control KNX devices such as on/off, light dimming, blinds, and scene controls from Neets Project Designer. All that is needed is a license. Read more here

Week Event Timer Function

Now you can configure a specific repetition function to an already pre-defined schedule in Project Designer. This requires that you use a Neets Control System with a Neets Port Expansion attached. All you have to do is define the event that occurs weekly, and then set the time and days of the week when you want the event to be repeated. That’s all!

GUI Templates

We want to help you create customized user interfaces for your customers. To make that as easy as possible we have added more design templates to the Project Designer.
In this release you will find two new graphical design templates: Matterhorn Bright and Arona. The templates will be available as soon as you upgrade your Project Designer to version 1.12.
Once you have upgraded, you can choose freely among the three design templates now available.

To view all features and to download Neets Project Designer 1.12 go here

You can view the new introduction video for Neets Project Designer here.


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