The ISE show in RAI Amsterdam takes place on 6-9 February, 2018.

We bring several exciting products, and we look forward to demonstrate how our solutions are created with focus on the user experience at booth #1-F130.

Use our entry code 705184 for free registration and to be part of this great show. Register here

Neets Sound Bar SB – 1 – take the sound to a higher level

Neets Sound Bar –SB1 ensures a better user experience in conference call and meeting rooms.
It is crucial that the audio is clear, so that all participants can hear the audio track to a video or the presentation.

Neets Sound Bar makes it easy for you to bring the sound experience to a higher level. You and your colleagues don’t have to worry about poor sound quality or where the remote control is hidden.

Read more about the Neets Sound Bar - SB1 here

Touch & TanGo

The Neets Touch Panel is a stunning touch panel designed to work seamlessly with the Neets Control - TanGo.

These products unify all user interactions with the intuitive control AV equipment from one place, which enable presenters to focus on delivering their message and having effective collaboration with other participants.

Neets Control – TanGo works perfectly, when you want to give the presenters an easy management of the AV equipment. For more information about this touch panel controller go here

Neets Touch Panel is designed to improve the user experience. The user interface can be completely customized in a variety of ways such as color to tailor its look and feel to company requirements and needs. For more information about the touch panel click here

Welcome to the Room - great meetings starts with a simple set-up

Today's meeting rooms and learning spaces are incorporating more and more AV technology. However, this often ends up making it difficult for the presenter to use the room and to figure out how to start a meeting.

Welcome to the Room is basically a guide that appears in the display as soon as movement is detected in the room.

Read more about this intelligent and affordable solution here

Neets Control - QueBec Pro - an intelligent AV control environment

Neets Control - QueBec Pro removes presenters' frustrations as it automates the room completely. It automatically turns on/off displays, switches between all HDMI/VGA signals and eliminates the need for remote control.

The QueBec Pro makes Wireless presentations solutions even smarter. It could not be simpler; plug in and present. Learn more about the QueBec Pro here

Neets Project Designer 1.12 - simple drag and drop software

It has to be easy to configure new Projects. In Project Designer 1.12 you can therefore simply drag the devices you need to configure from the device driver library to your projects. We have created the device driver library for you to save time.

Also, we have made it easy for you to integrate with KNX and included new GUI templates. Read more here

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