Dennis Cato-Hansen joined Neets in the autumn of 2015, and he now makes sure that our Basic and Advanced Seminars are an informative and enjoyable training experience for our customers. He has a personal commitment to deliver the best training in the AV industry.

Dennis ensures that our customers receive fast and helpful answer to their questions, and he also assists them in getting the maximum benefit from our solutions. But that´s not all. Dennis also creates our training videos as well as new product videos where he presents all the cool features.

Dennis started his career in the Royal Danish Air Force and it may seem odd that this experience led him to work for an electronics manufacturer. However, just like at Neets, in the Air Force he was responsible for the training of technicians – although in that case for aircraft maintenance.

When not travelling the world for Neets, he loves watching movies in his home cinema where he is always tweaking the sound and adjusting the picture.

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