Company History

It started in a kitchen sink. Today it’s in your smartphone

In 1999, while working as a technician for one of Denmark’s leading AV system integrators, Tue S. Andersen was approached by the facilities manager at a large university who had a problem that was familiar to many. The IR remote control for classroom projectors was either being misplaced or stolen in many of the classrooms, also the users found them too complicated to operate.

Therefore he challenged Tue with his question: “Is it possible to control the AV devices more simple and with greater reliability”? Back then no simple and low-cost solution was available, so Tue decided to develop one himself.

Working at his kitchen sink, Tue designed and built his first controller circuit boards, and fitted them to key panels that would mount in a standard electrical wall box.

To make operations as simple as possible he decided to only include functions needed for instructional use. He also kept focus on designing a solution where time would not be spent on lost or misplaced controls. His solution to these issues was an AV Control System built into the wall panels and this quickly became a success, not only in classrooms but also in meeting rooms in Denmark.

Within a few years, Neets became the leading supplier of AV Control Systems in Scandinavia. Although the company has grown substantially, it has not lost its ability to response agile to the constant change in customer needs. Neets continues to develop their product portfolio so it fulfills customer requests. As a result of this many new products are equipped with built-in web servers, providing a comprehensive AV Control System with custom interface on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

However no matter changes in customer needs and product development the core commitment for Neets remains the same. As Tue S. Andersen emphasizes, “Regardless of the technology, we are always looking for the least complicated way to make a system do everything you want it to do.”

Our mission is to make life easy for presenters!

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