Save time - drop the remote control!

The school, Sannerudskolan in Sweden, was totally rebuilt with brand new technology - applying new ways for classroom design. The supplier, Avio AB, prefers to use room control products from Neets - concerning AV solutions and quoted: “We at Avio AB always try to simplify handling for our customers. When you enter your conference room it must be easy to manage the AV-equipment for your meetings - that is the reason why we choose Neets control systems for our customers” 

Room control – the easy way
The classrooms in Sannerudsskolan, Sweden, were installed with a Neets – Control EcHo; an eight button, reliable and intuitive AV control wall panel, which makes it very easy to prepare a presentation. Afterwards Avio AB did a follow up and went to see how the impression at Sannerudskolan in Kil has been with the room control products from Neets.

They spoke to one of the teachers who use it every day and she thinks the solution is very user-friendly, she quoted: “After we got the new solution with SmartBoard and Neets Room control from Avio AB it is very simple to start up the day before class. 

They only need to press one button and everything starts. It is very easy to change sources and to adjust the volume on the sound system. The biggest benefit is that they no longer need the remote controls for each of the single products.” All in all, their days have been simplified with Neets room control. Avio AB has bought the products through the swedish Neets distributor Audiovision AB.

Click here for a PDF version of the Sannerudskolan case story.

Teacher controlling the interactiv whiteboard with Neets Control - EcHo

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