From a complicated and too advanced installation - to a simple and reliable solution. The Danish supplier of electricity, NRGI, decided to change their existing AV installation from Creston to a solution from Neets.

The idea behind was to make it easy for the end user without compromising the underlying technology. And this is what Neets is all about. Simple on the outside while still incorporating complex technology on the inside. Neets products should also be intuitive and fast to get to know for all end users regardless of their different levels of experience with AV equipment in general. Michael Warrer, IT Manager at NRGI, explains that; “by choosing a simple and reliable solution - easy for everybody to use – the objective has been obtained.”

Furthermore, NRGI has not had any problems using the solution or had anything to complain about since they had installed the new AV control systems.

The boardroom was installed with the Neets Control – SieRRa, a Neets NEB Keypad and a Neets Switching Relay - 2. The tables were installed with 2 HDMI input panels and a VGA input panel with sound. The cabinet was installed with 2 HDMI input panel and 1 VGA input panel with sound. The chosen screen was a new Lissau 240x240 with engine, which was set up with front speakers in the ceiling.

NRGI chose a scalar from Kramer and a FHD projector from Panasonic to complete the solution. With Neets Control – SieRRa and the extra Neets KEB keypads makes it simple and easy for the user to control the entire AV-equipment from the Keypad on the wall or the input panels at the table.

Using the free Neets application, this AV-solution is also operable by tablet or smart phone in case NRGI chooses to upgrade.

NRGI - Meeting room with Neets Control - SieRRa NRGI - Meeting room with Neets Control - SieRRa
NRGI - Conferenceroom with Neets Control - EcHo NRGI - Conferenceroom with Neets Control - EcHo

Another conference room was installed with a Neets Control - EcHo, a FHD projector from Panasonic, a Neets Switching Relay – 2 and a new amplifier for the speaker in the ceiling. For the panel they use a HDMI input panel and in addition a VGA input panel with sound. The Neets Control – EcHo, thereby manage the AV solution in the entire room.

All in all there has been no doubt in the fact that it was a very good 
decision for NRGI to change their solutions to Neets. In the future they might also apply the use of an app to control the room.

Click here for PDF version of the NRGI case story.

NRGI - Boardroom with Neets Control - SieRRa
NRGI - AV control with Neets Control - SieRRa and NEB Keypad mounted on the wall

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