Furniture with intuitive control

German Holzmedia, manufacturer of top-of-the-line multimedia furniture and Neets is cooperating in the new desk furniture with an integrated PC and screen – the X6 Hide Desk. The furniture is designed and build by Holzmedia and Neets has supplied with the Neets Control – QueBec.

Getting a VGA signal either from the integrated PC or from an external notebook the Neets Control – QueBec switches the display on and make the lift mechanism work, raising the screen from the desk. Holzmedia has also combined the lift mechanism and a date lid with sensor touch switches, so by “caressing” the desktop things start to move.

The Neets Control – QueBec is an intuitive control system without any buttons. The system detects VGA signals from either a PC or other devices with VGA, loops the VGA signal through starting – in this case a lift mechanism and switching on the display. The system controls both RS-232 and IR.

The room is controlled by a Neets Control - QueBec

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