Systems Design Technology

AV professional, Felix A. Foggia (Phil) of Systems Design Technology, faced the task of making the Neets Control–TanGo work with a sophisticated but complex digital signal processor (DSP). The Neets support team got involved and helped Phil succeed in the project.

Support exceeds expectations
In early 2017, Phil and Don Gspann of Concept Professional Systems, one of his network partners, started working on projects at a large community for elderly people with many different AV applications. These included a large auditorium, with video projection, live entertainment and meeting uses. They were also asked to provide integrated systems for class rooms, dining rooms and other smaller meeting spaces. They needed to keep the operation of the system as simple as possible. Having used the BSS BLU-100 in numerous installations, it was only natural to try to control it using an external device. Phil wasn’t sure whether it was possible, but a representative from Starin, the Neets US distributor, introduced him to Steen Larsen, head of support at Neets.  “Steen Larsen went out of his way to make this thing work. He really understood what I was trying to do, and he was quite clever to make this work,” explains Phil. Most communication took place via email, and once everything was up and running, Dennis Cato-Hansen took the lead for Neets. “They were really helpful and nice to work with, and this was way above call of duty for Neets,” says Phil.

Easy to work with
Phil had been introduced to the Neets control systems by Starin during a previous assignment in which he had agreed to evaluate it. “To be honest, I really didn’t need another controller, but I didn’t like the one I already had, because it was very complicated,” says Phil. However, he immediately saw the benefits of working with the Neets control system. “I was very impressed with how easy it was to work with. The graphics were great, and it was really just plug-and-play and drag-and-drop” he concludes.

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