About Us

At Neets, we believe in making life easy for presenters!  

We do that by understanding the needs of presenters and make it easy for the technical installer to fulfill those needs.

Most people who present or teach know the feeling you get when you are about to present and for some reason the AV system doesn´t work or you cannot find the remote or the cables you need to get started. It takes away your focus and creates frustration. Do you know the situation?   

Imagine instead that you walk into a meeting room, plug-in your laptop or turn on your tablet and present. The display or projector turns on, the screen comes down and the sound turns on all without ANY other actions. Just plug-in and present. What could be easier than that?

At Neets, we make smart, intuitive and easy to install AV control systems that makes it easy to start up presentations in meeting and classrooms worldwide. Just by pushing a single button or even better - by automatically starting up and shutting down - AV equipment.

We are committed to creating solutions that are simple to configure and connect, because we understand that it brings efficiency and engineering value to technicians who installs our products.

Our products are sold worldwide through our dedicated distributors. Find one close to you here.

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