How to disable the Home button on a iPad

When using the Apple iPad as a control system you may want to lock the iPad so the users do not have the possibility to exit the Neets Control App.

To do this simply follows the steps below and your iPad becomes a dedicated graphical interface to your control system.


Click on this link and press "Install" to installed the profile "Home Button Lock"
For IOS7 use the build in Guided Access. This function are found under: Settings -> Accessibility -> Guided Access;

and press "Install Now".

The “Home-button lock” is now ready for use. Reboot your device.
The first thing you need do after the iPad has rebooted is to start the Neets Control App.


Now the Home button is disabled and you have an iPad that is a dedicated graphical interface.


To enable the Home button again you need to reboot the Ipad.
After the reboot select "Settings" -> "General" -> "Profiles"
Now press the "Home Button Lock" and select "Remove" and confirm that you want to remove it.

Reboot the iPad and the Home button will work again.