With a connection to the KNX network the Neets control systems can control and react on events from the KNX network.
When interfacing to the KNX you will get realtime events and by using the same groupadresses that already is used in the KNX system you will find it easy to control light and other things from Neets.

  • Interface to KNX
    Interface directly to the KNX network without using a 3rd party gateway.
  • Push information
    Receive an update whenever a KNX unit is changing state.
  • Support On/Off
    Control any On/Off group address in the KNX system using a 1 bit group address
  • Q: What control system can i use?
    A: All the Neets Control system that support controlling devices over LAN. This could be EcHo Plus, SieRRa II, AlFa II or DelTa.
  • Q: What KNX gateways can i use?
    A: A KNX IP interface that supports KNXnet/IP / KNX TP tunneling.
    We have testede and verified:
    Gira KNX IP interface
    PN: 216800/100.Weinzier
    KNX IP Interface 730.
    ABB i-bus® KNX IP Interface IPS/S 2.
  • Q: Can I dim the light?
    A: We only support 1 bit control of the KNX system. So dimming control is not possible.
  • Q: How many Neets control systems can I connect to IP gateway?
    A: Most of the IP gateways only support one connection at time. Ask your supplier for details.
  • Q: Where do I find the group adresses that i can control?
    A: The groupadresses is different from system to system. Contact the installer of the KNX system and request a overvies of the groupadresses used.
  • Q: Can the Neets Control system and the ETS software use the same IP gateway?
    A: This depend on the IP gateway you have selected. Most do only support one connection at a time and therefore not allowing both the ETS software and the Neets Control system to connect at the same time.

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