Neets USB Switch - 2


Neets USB Switch - 2 also allows easy switching between a fixed main computer and a laptop without requiring any software, just like Neets USB Switch 1.

The difference lays in the Power Switch Delay that cuts power for 2 seconds when switching between ports that allows the projector to recognize the change of source.

Furthermore, this switch has a built in amplifier which makes it possible to extend the cables up to 10 meters on each side of the switch.

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  • Switches between two devices
    Allows easy switching between a fixed main computer and a laptop
  • Supports USB 2.0 standard
  • Manual or priority modes
    Use external button for switching computers, or allow automatic priority switching when second computer is connected
  • No software installation required
    Switch responds to external command or data signal presence
  • Can be mounted in trunking system
  • Built-in Extender
    Extends cable length up to 10 meters on each side of the switch
  • Power Switch Delay
    Cuts power for 2 sec. when switching between ports
  • User friendly
    Simply press a button or connect and start second computer
USB connectors:
2 x USB “B” standard
(to computers)
1 x USB “A” standard
(to device)

USB standard:
Supports USB 2.0

Auxiliary power input:
12 VDC
Supplies 5 VDC @ 350 mA to device

External connector for manual mode:
Switches device to PC 2 USB with contact closure

Manual/priority switch:
Switches between manual (external contact closure) and auto priority (USB PC 2 connected)

Width: 25 mm
Height: 125 mm
Depth: 70 mm

Width: 0,98 inches
Height: 4,92 inches
Depth: 2,76 inches

90 g/ 3,17 oz

Item number: 306 – 0004

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