Collabo 2.0 by Neets

user-friendly video conferencing

Collabo 2.0 by Neets is a complete video conferencing hardware solution for huddle rooms that is compatible with the UC platform of your choice. You are also ensured that everybody in the room is seen and heard clearly with 4K video and audio optimized for speech playback. Getting started with video meetings couldn't be easier - users simply plug a single USB 3.0 cable into their device. The entire system turns on and off automatically upon signal detection.


A complete video conferencing system for huddle rooms. This powerful bundle requires no configuration and is easy and quick to install.


Users need only bring their personal device, connect with a single USB cable, and launch their favorite UC platform. The video meeting is ready to start.


Collabo 2.0 by Neets provides a pro AV experience that fosters effective collaboration. 4K video and voice enhanced audio ensure everyone is clearly seen and heard.

Collabo 2.0 by Neets is the perfect solution for video-enabling any meeting room with a bundle of three Biamp products specifically designed for video conferencing:

Neets Sound Bar - SB2

The Neets Sound Bar - SB2 is specifically designed for video conferencing applications with its voice enhancement technology.

Learn more about Neets Soundbar - SB2

Neets 4K Webcam

The Neets 4K Webcam captures razor-sharp video with a 120 wide field-of-view.  

Learn more about Neets 4K Webcam

Solvo by Neets

Solvo by Neets is the intelligent AV system hub that brings everything together. USB 3.0 cable, 3 meters included.

Learn more about Solvo by Neets

Use with the UC platform of your choice

Collabo 2.0 by Neets gives the users freedom to have video meetings using their preferred UC platform or video conferencing application (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, GoToMeeting, etc.).

Collabo 2.0 by Neets is compatible with all the leading UC platforms and video conferencing applications*

*This is not an exhaustive list of all the platforms that Collabo 2.0 by Neets is compatible with.

Problem-free start to every meeting

Collabo 2.0 by Neets simplifies the way online meetings and video conferences are started! Users only need to connect the USB 3.0 cable to their personal device to get started. With CEC technology and signal detection, the display, webcam, soundbar, and microphone turn on automatically and users’ screens are mirrored on the display. No more stressed and panicked users, no delayed meetings, and no more time spent on IT support.

Superior experience with Pro AV

Video conferencing is not just a trend. The pandemic and the growing remote working trend have made video conferencing part of the “new normal”. Collabo 2.0 by Neets provides a superior experience with pro-quality AV, making a video meeting with Collabo the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting. The sound bar’s DSP preset enhances speech playback for clear communication. amounts of time and money when replacing face-to-face meetings. The camera’s 4K resolution and wide field-of-view records sharp video and ensures that everybody in the room is clearly visible.

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Technical Specifications

Collabo 2.0 by Neets is a powerful video conferencing hardware solution that consists of three Biamp products;
Neets Sound Bar SB-1, Neets 4K Webcam, and Solvo by Neets. The technical specifications for each product are listed here: